The Application of Intelligent Screwdriver in Optical Drive Laser Head

2022-09-20 12:01

The computer, which can be said to be one of the greatest inventions of human beings, has also derived many other inventions that change our lives, such as the Internet, video, games, etc. In addition to being able to process data to make work more convenient as before, computers have also changed our way of life. As we know, computers belong to electronic products. With the changes of the times, people's understanding of electronic products is generally light, small and well equipped. This makes modern electronic products, including many computer accessories, have more components at the same time of small size. Therefore, high precision is indispensable. The computer optical disk drive has been an accessory of the computer for a long time. With the computer, its function is to read the optical disk data and display the contents of the optical disk on the display screen through the computer operating system. Although the network is very developed now, watching videos and listening to music can be completed online, but now the computer is still equipped with an optical disk drive, which is still an indispensable part of the computer. How the optical disk drive reads the contents of the optical disk? This is about the optical disk drive laser head. The laser head can be said to be the core part of the optical disk drive. It is specially responsible for reading the data of the optical disk from the optical disk. If the laser head is damaged, it is generally to replace it with a new optical disk drive. In addition to no cost savings, the replacement of the optical disk head is very troublesome. If the manufacturer breaks the laser head during production and assembly, the entire optical drive is scrapped. In such occasions where high-precision assembly is required, the smart screwdriver is perfect. As long as the relevant parameters required for assembly, such as torque, are set, the smart screwdriver can tighten each screw of the same product as required. In addition, after the operation, the controller of the screwdriver can also save the data record of each tightening, which can be analyzed by relevant personnel, so that the quality of products can be monitored and even the quality of raw materials can be detected. The future is an era of big data. The very simple work of locking screws also needs big data records. Only by constantly improving these data can we create a better future!



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