Solution to the intelligent locking and tightening system of the power drive board

2022-09-20 13:38

Solution of intelligent locking and tightening system for power drive board - Overview of locking system
1.1 Overview
China's manufacturing industry has developed rapidly. In 2010, the proportion of manufacturing output value in the world surpassed that of the United States, becoming the largest manufacturing country. At present, among more than 500 major industrial products, China has more than 220, ranking first in the world. Among these numerous products, there must be a large number of screws to be tightened. Driven by the manufacturing industry, a huge locking market has been cultivated. The lock payment industry is developing towards automation and intelligence. However, to achieve industrial intelligence and unmanned development is not an easy task, but requires a long evolution process.
As the soul of all things, human beings have smart minds and dexterous hands. In many complex processing environments and fine processing scenes, machines cannot temporarily replace human beings; However, human is not a machine. The working state of human is affected by the environment and mood, which is a dynamic and fluctuating quantity. Therefore, people will make some small mistakes in their daily work. What will we use to ensure the lock quality of our products for a long time to come, from today when we have not yet reached the industrial and lock unmanned level? Deep Micro timely launched a human-computer combination of hand-held intelligent tightening system. Make full use of human intelligent brain and hands with intelligent tightening system to achieve the best effect. In addition to automatically judging whether the locking result is OK/NG, the intelligent tightening system can also give the type and reason of NG when tightening NG, and realize human-computer interaction with the operator through audible and visual warning. Make full use of computer technology to make records of each screw tightened, so that each product locking quality can be traced and the product locking can be digitized.
1.2 Design principles
(1) Targeted
This system is mainly used in scenarios where the machine can not be completed alone, and the locking quality is highly required; Give full play to the subjective initiative of workers and the advantages of precise control of machines.
(2) Advancement
The intelligent screwdriver used in this system is equipped with our high-precision torque control algorithm, and the torque accuracy is controlled within ± 5%; The parameters can be set and adjusted; The tightening records can be saved and exported easily, and the work records can be traced.
(3) Reliability
The core components are imported high-end components to ensure the quality, life and stability of the product from the source.
(4) Ease of use
The system uses a visual design interface, combined with multimedia technology, to make the working state and results of the system clear at a glance, and let the operator indicate the immediate working results through sound or light.
(5) Easy to maintain
The hardware of the system is modularized and designed to prevent fooling; The software is simple and easy to operate.



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