Automatic screw machine standard machine and non-standard customization

2022-09-20 09:31

Shenzhen Xingyebang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has customized automatic screw locking machine manufacturers, fully automatic turntable type screw locking machine manufacturers, turntable type screw locking machine manufacturers, and turntable type screw locking machine manufacturers. Because of focus, so professional!
Full automatic screw locking machine Turntable type screw locking machine, automatic screw locking machine, automatic screw conveying, eliminating the need to grasp the screw, move, and align with the screwdriver head, and so on. Just aim at the screw hole bit and press down. It greatly improves the production efficiency and saves labor. It makes the locking screw more portable, fast, stable, low noise and low energy consumption.
Product introduction:
1. Multi station loop back+automatic nail feeding+cantilever locking+automatic blanking;
2. The cam splitter rotates in four positions, which can be combined with the assembly line and equipped with an automatic reclaiming arm;
3. Precision screw rod and servo motor are used to move, and the repetition accuracy can reach 0.02MM;
4. PLC+human-machine interface control is adopted, and 50 groups of programs are stored in a single machine, which can realize data export;
5. Material shortage alarm, missing lock alarm and sliding tooth alarm can effectively monitor the locking quality
Multi spindle fixed automatic screw locking machine
Multi axis turntable type automatic screw driver can lock multiple screws (2-12 screws) at the same time. Continuous loop operation is realized through multiple stations. Product placement, screw locking, inspection, unloading and other processes shall be carried out simultaneously. Greatly improve production efficiency.
Coordinate single head single Y axis locking screw machine
The big advantage of the coordinate type automatic locking screw feeder is that it is flexible. According to the set coordinates, the machine automatically completes product locking. Replace the product by modifying the coordinates of the locking point. The operation of the desk type automatic screw driver is very simple. In the era of rapid product upgrading, investment in fixed assets can be greatly saved.
Coordinate type double head double Y axis locking screw machine
Coordinate type automatic locking screw machine can automatically lock products according to the set coordinates. Replace the product by modifying the coordinates of the locking point. Double Y axis is adopted, and workers can load and unload materials alternately, so the machine can work without stopping.
Suction type automatic screw locking machine
Suitable for most screws. Strong universality. There is no requirement for the length diameter ratio of screws. It can replace manual work for specific screw locking and realize mechanized production. Reduce the labor intensity of workers.
Screw arranging machine
For screws that cannot be locked automatically. This machine is optional. Special screws, 1:1 short screws and screws with washers can be used for screw arranging machine! One machine can be used for screws of various specifications, 1.2-5.0 (adjustable according to the screws)
Electric screwdriver balance support
Ensure that the electric screwdriver works in a vertical (90 ° angle) state to prevent the screw from sliding due to the inclination of the electric screwdriver. Eliminate operation fatigue and improve operation speed and accuracy.
Handheld automatic screw driver
Multi spindle automatic screw locking machine
Desk type automatic screw machine
Auxiliary equipment of automatic screw machine
Non standard design customization.
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