New product launch - intelligent servo tightening machine

2022-09-29 09:35

New product launch - intelligent servo tightening machine Autohand intelligent servo tightening machine
Main features:
◆ Advanced tightening assembly solution, the tightening process is controlled by the controller software at a high speed, with powerful programming function, which can finely control the tightening process, including 18 methods and 256 groups of tightening parameters; The compilation of control software is based on our long-term practical experience in the field of tightening assembly, and has referred to international advanced technology. Therefore, the product has good practicability, versatility, pertinence and foresight;
◆ High speed digital control during tightening, high precision, long service life, almost maintenance free;
◆ High speed real-time detection and high-precision control of tightening torque value; The torque can be controlled in both positive and negative directions;
◆ Precise angle control can be carried out, as well as real-time detection of speed, control of soft start, control of angle, screening of slip teeth, false locks and other errors;
◆ The controller interface displays the main data of the tightening process in real time: torque value, angle value, process time, whether it is qualified, etc; Displayed and set by touch screen;
◆ With RS232C communication port and Ethernet port RJ45, the tightening process data can be output in real time and collected and stored by the tightening data acquisition software. The data storage capacity is almost unlimited;
◆ Rich input and output control signals: start, stop, positive and negative rotation, tightening completion, whether it is qualified, error alarm, program selection, multi axis synchronous control, etc;
◆ The transmission parts are made of high-quality alloy steel, and the tightening shaft is compact, durable and reliable;
◆ Effective measures have been taken in communication mode, data transmission, shielding, wiring and other aspects to ensure high-speed and reliable operation of the system;
◆ The system is provided with appropriate electrical protection and error alarm mechanism;
◆ Components and parts reach the industrial level;
◆ Each set includes: tightening shaft, single shaft controller and supporting cable. It has strong independence, which is not only convenient for single shaft use, but also convenient for the integration and maintenance of more complex systems such as multi shaft tightening machine;
◆ The specifications of five series: N1/N2/N3/N4/N5, which can meet the tightening assembly requirements of M1 to M48 threaded connections.
It is applied to automatic tightening machine, single shaft multi shaft tightening machine, loosening machine, or used with auxiliary rocker arm, manipulator, robot to precisely control the tightening torque, tighten and assemble all kinds of screws, nuts, bolts, suitable for most industrial assembly: automobile and parts assembly, electronic product assembly, compressor, engine, household appliances, instruments, all kinds of parts, transportation tools and parts, aviation, valves, etc.



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